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Who is Tessa Hilton? Barron Hilton Wife Welcomes Second Baby Age And Hot Images

Who is Tessa Hilton? Barron Hilton Wife Welcomes Second Baby Age And Hot Images Tessa Hilton was born in New York into a family of interior designers and architects and was raised to be a real estate agent. Tessa grew raised between Los Angeles and New York, gaining a wealth of information about both coasts while learning the ins and outs of the luxury industry. Tessa was born into nobility on her father’s side as a member of the von Walderdorff family, a German noble family of Comital rank, and as the great-granddaughter of Princess Therese Zu Löwenstein-Wertheim Rosenberg.

Who is Tessa Hilton? Barron Hilton Wife Welcomes Second Baby Age And Hot Images

Tessa’s first language is French, followed by excellent English and conversational German, and she has amassed an incredible list of exclusive contacts and qualified purchasers all around the world. Prior to entering the real estate market. Tessa Hilton is a celebrity. Barron Hilton and his wife are expecting their second kid together. Barron Hilton and his wife Tessa are expecting a new addition to their family. The couple is expecting their second child at the end of summer 2022.

Who is Tessa Hilton?

Milou Alizee, the couple’s first child, was born in March 2020. “We are very delighted!” they said. We hadn’t planned it, but we’ve learned that the finest things in life are never planned. We’ve chosen to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. Milou and the newborn will be 2.5 years apart when the kid is born towards the end of summer. During Tessa’s first pregnancy, the couple discussed the significance of their surname, claiming that they got the name Milou from where they met, Pointe Milou in St Barths. Follow For More Update

Her middle name, Alizee, means ‘trade winds’ in French,” they said. The breezes of the island brought us together, and a few years later, she gave us Milou. She is an island’s gift.” Barron Hilton’s wife is well-known. Tessa June von Walderdoff is a well-known socialite, model, and real estate dealer. She has also worked as a freelance disc jockey and as an actor in short films.

Tessa worked as a writer for I Love You, a German fashion and leisure magazine. In 2012 and 2013, she worked as a production assistant for Holly Li Productions during New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. In 2017, she made her feature debut in Rosewood: The Best Version of Yourself, and she played Jessica Cabot in Spring to Winter. After being influenced by the sounds of Berlin, she began making music.


The native of New York City is also a licensed real estate agent and a salesperson for the real estate business Hilton and Hyland. She has two collections of short tales and a series of children’s books published by Full Cycle Publications. Barron and Tessa Hilton originally met in a café in Saint Barthelemy in 2016. In September 2017, Barron proposed to Tessa in Central Park.

Barron Hilton Wife Welcomes Second Baby

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram and married in Gustavia. In June 2018, a civil ceremony was held at the town hall, followed by a religious ceremony at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church that same month. Following the ceremony, the couple held a celebration at the Villa La Plage, and Tessa announced her pregnancy in September 2019. Milou Alizee Hilton, their daughter, was born in March 2020. Wishes to both in their upcoming life.



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