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Who Is Mike Hosinski, Jimtown High School Teacher Video Viral on Twitter and YouTube Watch Online!

Who Is Mike Hosinski, Jimtown High School Teacher Video Viral on Twitter and YouTube Watch Online! Mike Hosinski, a Jimtown High School teacher, has gone viral on Twitter and YouTube. A video of the high school teacher getting into huge difficulty, forcing him to retire early. According to the newest news, a Jimtown High School teacher has sought early retirement, according to Baugo school officials, after being captured on film punching a student with enough power to create visible wounds. According to Baugo authorities in a news release issued Friday, the instructor identified Mike Hosinski as no longer employed by Baugo Community Schools, and smoking is not authorized on school grounds. According to School, the incident occurred Friday morning and has been reported to the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department.

Who Is Mike Hosinski

Who Is Mike Hosinski

Mike Hosinski, a teacher at Jimtown High School, is featured in a video. Any activity that jeopardizes the safety of any kind will be dealt with swiftly, immediately, and seriously,” according to a news release from Baugo schools. “All Jimmies must be able to learn and study in a secure and enjoyable atmosphere.” Following a request by The Tribune, the attorney for Baugo Community School released a video of the Friday interaction. In the 44-second footage, a student with his hood pulled up is seen entering the corridor, with an adult close behind. The adult jogs in order to catch up with the pupil, rounds a corner, and is then watched using the backpack of the student to force him into the wall. The adult wags his finger in the video, which does not include any kind of voice and sound. The adult then hits the pupil with such force the head snaps the back of the boy into the wall behind him.

Jimtown High School Teacher Video

After the adult lays both of his hands on the student’s shoulders in an attempt to lead him down the corridor, the child collapses to the floor. Near the end of the discussion, other witnesses appear, including a lady who checks on the youngster as he lies on the ground. According to Baugo authorities, the incident occurred when an instructor approached the student over a sweatshirt he was wearing to class. According to the district’s statement, there was a verbal dispute in the corridor, and “inexplicably, the instructor slapped the kid in the face with an open-handed slap. Follow For More Update

According to school officials, the pupil, who has not been identified publicly, received obvious wounds and was treated immediately by medical personnel. According to Baugo’s Friday news statement, “the safety of students attending Baugo Community Schools is our utmost concern and greatest obligation.” When anybody, including educators, undermines that obligation and priority, immediate action is required and will be done to protect Jimtown students. Anything less is unacceptable. Stay tuned for more updates only on film hunt



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