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Who is Liya Chu? Wiki Bio Images Age On Instagram!

Who is Liya Chu? Wiki Bio Images Age On Instagram!Grayson Price and Liya Chu, the finalists, were required to prepare one main dish and one dessert within 60 minutes.Liya’s “Coconut Pandan Pana Cotta”, and “Spiced Duck Breast,” were very popular. She was awarded $100,000 and some kitchen equipment when she won Season 8 of Master Chef Junior.

Liya hails from Scarsdale in New York. She was just 10 years old when the show was shot in 2019. Her parents, both chefs, own two restaurants together.FoodSided interviewed Liya about how she learned from watching her parents cook that sometimes things don’t go according to plan in the kitchen. This is why she kept her cool on FoodSided when she had trouble with one of her dishes.Who is Liya Chu?

Grayson’s “Ogarashi Dusted Venison Loin With Smoked Whipped Potatoes, Blackberry Gastrique and Shishito Peppers”, was a huge hit tonight with the judges. They also liked Liya Chu’s main dish, “Spiced Duck breast with Scallion Pancakes & Miso Eggplant”, just as much.

Who is Liya Chu?

Grayson made mistakes in his dessert round. Grayson’s “Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit Curd With Fennel Pollen Financer and Pea Flower Sorbet”, had lots of pollen.While this was happening, Liya’s “Panna Cotta” was really appreciated by the judges. Daphne Oz stated that the dish was simple yet interesting. Aaron Sanchez liked the way the flavors were like a “constant treasure hunting.”

Liya won Season 8’s title at the end. Many MasterChef Junior fans congratulated Liya on her win by following the episode on Twitter.



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