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Who Is LaDonna Paris? Bipolar Woman Aged 70 Arrested With Force Video Surfaces

Who Is LaDonna Paris? Bipolar Woman Aged 70 Arrested With Force Video Surfaces A viral video was posted on social media showing two police officers laughing at a 70-year-old insane woman before they arrested her. In fact, LaDonna Paris, a 70-year old woman in mental distress, was taunted and laughed at by Tulsa officers. The video shows them violently arresting her bodycam footage. You’ve probably seen the clip and want to see the entire scene at the time of the arrest.

Who Is LaDonna Paris?

You will also see a female cop laughing and taunting as she waits for another officer to arrive. Later, people began to express outrage at the video. They suggested that the police might injure the lady. The Tulsa Police Department later stated that their officers had followed all protocols when they kicked the bathroom door down and dealt with LaDonna Paris last October.

Who Is LaDonna Paris?

Paris locked herself in the bathroom at Habitat for Humanity and refused to leave. Paris was suffering from late-onset bipolar disorder. She was also experiencing a manic episode. Another interesting fact about the city is that Tulsa has a special team to deal with all mental health issues. According to sources, they knew that LaDonna Paris was not available for them to respond to their call. However, they were able to dispatch the special team and the police responded calmly. Follow For More Update And Stay Tuned For More Latest News And Information.

Bipolar Woman Aged 70 Arrested

You can see the clip in which the lady cop tries to call Paris out. However, a male cop kicked at the door and hit Paris directly on the face. She is badly hurt. If you think that the police were wrong with the lady, we want to tell you something that will not make you criticize the police. According to sources, she was in jail for a month on arson, resisting arrest and trespassing charges. However, the judge dropped the entire case citing Paris’ mental well-being. Keep checking back for more news on crime and the latest headlines.



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