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Who Is Keona Holley? Death Cause Reason, Baltimore City COP Shot Dead Video Age And Bio

Who Is Keona Holley was 39-year-old the strongest police officer from the city, Baltimore. She has joined this service to make a change in her beautiful city. Keona Holley was wedded with La Rue Bratcher and had four children. They all spend a happy wedding life with their kids together. She has four children. This was a big loss for Baltimore city. “Baltimore will never forget her officer Holley and their commitment that she making a difference in her loved city. Last week this officer “Keona Holley” was patrolling early in the morning in her patrolling car.

Who Is Keona Holley

Someone bang in the head during the attack and she was instantly shifted to the hospital. She is in a dangerous situation because being shot in the head is very dangerous and very little chance of surviving. After she was hospitalized in the Maryland shock trauma center on life support for seven days. There was no sign of any recovery after seven days. The Baltimore police department also said that she was dead shortly.

Who Is Keona Holley?

wonder (including their residents and police officers ) After seven days she died when she got out of the life-supporting bed. Keona Holley’s died because of a shot in the head during her patrolling. She grasped her last breath in the Trauma Center when she got off the life-supporting bed. Government Larry Hogan said that “we lost over true heroes”.

The actual criminal for this happening is not found. The police suspect that Elliot Knox will be involved in this incident. Two men were also suspected in this shooting. The second shooting has happened 90 min after the Keona shooting. The police of Baltimore arrested both suspected people that are involved in this shooting. During the Investigation, Elliot Knox said that they shot at johnson because they owned the money of Travon. A total of seven people was killed in this Baltimore shooting. The police team announced the free services to their employees who help the Keona’s family.



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