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Who is Iszac Henig? Yale Transgender Swimmer Bio Images Instagram Net Worth And Profession

Who is Iszac Henig? The renowned swimmer of Yale University, Iszac Henig, has set a record in the 100-meter freestyle and 400-meter freestyle relay. Earlier, the record of completing 100-meter and 400-meter swimming relay as the fastest swimmer was marked with the name of Lia Thomas. This phenomenon has marked the name of Lia Thomas as the fastest swimmer. Follow For More Updates

Who is Iszac Henig? Yale Transgender Swimmer Bio Images Instagram Net Worth And Profession

This record has been broken in the swimmer’s meet at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. The name of the Yle University swimmer is roaming on various social media platforms. The swimmer has finally earned the thing she wanted to achieve. Making a record is a responsibility more than an achievement. This record-breaking has brought a responsibility to Iszac Heing.

Who is Iszac Henig?

Iszac Heing has reportedly completed the 100-meter freestyle race within 49.57 seconds whereas Thomas completed the same race in 52.84 seconds. In the 400-meter freestyle relay, he finished the race within 50.45 seconds. On the other hand, Thomas finished the same race within 51.94 seconds. he also finished the 50-meter freestyle within 22.76 seconds. The parent of both of the swimmers remained there beside their children to support their children in this prominent race.

According to the sources, Iszac Heing is a student of  Yale University. He is also a swimmer in the team of Yale University. He is opposed to being 20 years old in the year 2022. It seems that he was born in the year 2002. He is a transgender swimmer who has broken the record of completing a 100-meter freestyle and 400-meter freestyle relay in the shortest span of time. There is not much information about him on the internet.

Yale Transgender Swimmer Bio

The information of the parents of Iszac Heing is also not on social media. It might be possible that the whole family is accustomed to living a private life; therefore, people do not know much about them. He was a female but he converted to male with help of an operation. He has broken the record of Lia Thomas. He has made a record in his sports at the age of 20 years. as a result, it seems that the future of Iszac Heing is bright as a professional swimmer if he continues to work hard. He has the responsibility to maintain this record in this competitive world.



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