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Who Is Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards? Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards Murder Case!

Who Is Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards? Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards Murder Case!Shawn Edwards was just 14 years old when he was attacked and stabbed to his death at Middletown High School, New York. The whole town was shocked.This sweet, popular kid is so nice that it would be a shame to harm or even kill him. The police continue to investigate the case and try to determine what is real and false. But they don’t find anything.

Shawn’s family and the police don’t know what happened after Shawn left his home and before Shawn was discovered in that darkened entryway.Shawn Edward and his unsolved case of murder were featured in the latest episode of Crime Junkie.Who Is Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards?

According to what Shawn said, Shawn had to immediately meet a friend. He left the house without permission, even though he was not allowed to.Shawn was in seventh grade when the temperature on Tuesday nights was 11 degrees. Her oldest child and her newborn baby were able leave.

Who Is Hudson Valley Shawn Edwards?

Nobody thought this would be the end of terrible things for his family if the job wasn’t finished.Shawn was found dead outside his Middletown High School building by a Middletown High School janitor. It was beaten and stabbed and had fresh blood.Shawn Edwards was a very popular boy who everyone loved. A strange murder occurred in 1986 that prevented a 14-year old boy from seeing his parents.

He was a friendly teenager who learned like all teenagers his age. It is hard to imagine why anyone would kill a teenager this way.Although people may only be able to recall him in fragments and bits, they still want the truth about his death. Their family and others who knew Shwan personally are seeking justice.

A writer explained how the whole thing came down in a Facebook post from 2020. It was posted on a Hudson valley cold case and missing persons page.Commenters on the post stated that he was a jokester who loved to have fun. It is easy to forget the smile of a child.

Shawn Edwards’ killer is still at large, but Shawn Edwards’ parents and other relatives are doing all they can to bring him justice.Because they lost their son so young, many people are grieving for his family. His family is being prayed for. They are still afraid despite all the years spent trying to find out the truth.

Middletown Detective Sergeant Nicholas C. DeRosa states that there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of suspects.He said that Albany’s state police laboratory is currently reviewing the evidence from crime scenes using DNA technology. This was not possible in 1986.

This news comes just days before Edwards’ 16th anniversary. Even though it was a long process, Cynthia Edwards believes it is good news.



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