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Who is Eve Muirhead Gb Curling Skipper Winter Olympics Boyfriend Age Images And Instagram

The Winter Olympics typically promise ice and snow — which may or may not be there in Beijing — and help to boost curling on social media. However, while British fans rediscover her sport, British player Eve Muirhead has remained out of the spotlight. Moorhead’s rink won their first consecutive Olympic gold medal with a 7-2 victory over Denmark on Sunday, following a 7-1 victory over the previously undefeated United States on Saturday, and her team went viral on social media in her hometown.

Who is Eve Muirhead

Who is Eve Muirhead

I can’t wait to get home and start anew and tell everyone what’s going on here. I don’t use social media during the Olympics, and it’s been good to take a break. “I love that people are setting alarms all night long, and knowing that they are watching and beginning to play curling makes me very proud.” The IOC is ‘100% against doping,’ according to a spokesman. Moorhead expects her crew to be fully operational in frigid Beijing. Bruce Muat confesses that a lack of team time was a source of irritation for him at the start of his season, with the men’s rink having not played together since winning the European Championships in Norway last November. Follow For More Update

Moorhead, who also won gold in Europe, had to earn her spot in China through the Leewarden Olympic qualifications. “I think being in the Olympic qualifiers is a bit of a blessing in disguise since it gives us a higher chance.” “Winning gold on the European team and then putting on a strong performance in the Olympic qualifiers was extremely beneficial to us.” Some of our games at the Olympics were fantastic, while others were not.”

Moorhead also believes that momentum was crucial in the victory over Denmark, which puts the 2014 Sochi bronze medalist at 3-2 heading into Monday’s match against Canada, a typical Olympic powerhouse but in four years. There was only one game that was won.
“I’m pleased with the overall performance of the team,” she continued.



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