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Who is Armadillo masked singer? Spoiler Reddit Full Explained!

Who is Armadillo masked singer? Spoiler Reddit Full Explained! Although Season 7 of The Masked Singer only has four episodes, it is the best season yet. It’s full of exciting performances and fun. Four of the five contestants in Group A have been eliminated: Cyclops, McTerrier, and Duff Goldman; Ram (Joe Buck); Thingamabob and Jordan Mailata. Last week, six Group B stars made their debut in costume as Miss Teddy, Miss Teddy, hydras, and lemurs. The lemur was revealed to be supermodel Christie Brinkley, as we expected. We’ve reviewed the clues from the other Group B contestants, and have spoilers for all masked singers. This includes answers to the question: Who is the Armadillo? Armadillo, as we believe it, is a bounty hunter canine whose real name was Duane Chapman. You think it’s funny that Armadillo is dressed in a ridiculous outfit.

Who is Armadillo masked singer? Spoiler Reddit Full Explained!

The boots worn by the armadillo are from Duane “Dog”, Chapman and the sunglasses worn by one of the men in the video are both trademarks. One of the men carries a bow & arrow, which is a historic way to hunt. Armadillo’s Cluemerical raved over his show, which ran for eight years on A&E. The show chronicles his adventures as a bounty hunter and how he “hunted down my enemies” to “kill scum-like nobody else”. Hot dogs on the grill and ground beef patties that look exactly like dog food have been seen.

Who is Armadillo masked singer?

After singing, Armadillo told us that Chapman was born in the mountains (Chapman is from Denver, aka Mile High) and that he was raised underground (Chapman was a member of a 15-member ex-motorcycle gang that Chapman ran for years). Only when the bounty hunter dog (aka Duanechapman) is an armadillo will we know if our prediction is correct. If he loses the election or wins, this will occur. Are you sure we are correct about the identity of the armadillo? Comment below with your best guesses.

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