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Who Is Arian Taherzadeh? Secret Service Agent Arian Arrested!

Who Is Arian Taherzadeh? Secret Service Agent Arian Arrested! Here are the two men arrested for impersonating federal agents during a curse that lasted several years. According to the FBI, Arian Taherzadeh, who is 40 years old, and Haider Ali, 36, have been accused of pretending to be federal agents over the curse of several years. They allegedly acquired paraphernalia and handguns as well as assault rifles which were then used by federal law enforcement agencies. According to the FBI, they also used their false affiliation with the U.S. government “to infuse themselves with federal law enforcement personnel and the defense community.”

Who Is Arian Taherzadeh? Secret Service Agent Arian Arrested!

We have been provided with secret service personnel by the Department of Homeland security. They even allowed us to move into rent-free apartments. He was also on a list that offered to purchase a gun for secret service agents and gave it to the first lady’s protection detail. There were four secret service agents who have been on administrative leave and are currently under investigation. Dharwad to additional was discovered on March 14, when a postal Inspector responded in DC to a report of a US Postal Service letter career.

Who Is Arian Taherzadeh?

It is believed that they helped several apartments in the same building, which was being paid for by DHS. Federal law enforcement did not employ a person who was residing in the building, but he was identified as the witness who told Taherzadeh that Taherzadeh had concealed a firearm. He also provided other credentials to prove that he was law enforcement. Maya Govind Death Reason

According to the FBI, Taherzadeh met Ali and Ali in July 2021. Taherzadeh told the agent his job with HSI and sent him several photos of himself in “police tactical gear” as well as of HSI training. The FBI stated that the latter image was a hoard image. Taherzadeh gave the agent his wife a “government vehicle” and offered to buy him a weapon. He also gave the agent a gun holder. Ellias claims that the agent still owns the gun holder.



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