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Who is Amritpal Kaur? Why She Raise $130K Treatment Details Disease Name Explained!

Who is Amritpal Kaur? Why She Raise $130K Treatment Details Disease Name Explained! A girl aged 24 years who goes to Canada from India for her studies and higher education. the name of the girl was Amrit Kaur. but unfortunately, She faced an accident when she Crosses the road at fifth avenue Street. she is going to a shop to get some drink and food for 8 on the 6th of April but when she was coming back she gets hit by a vehicle and gets some very major injuries. She was admitted to the hospital by people there. She fell and she get unconscious at that moment. she is said to be in a coma by the medical staff because of the accident she faced. Amrit Kaur’s friend stated that she get very major injuries to her brain her lungs collapsed multiple numbers of verb breaks. her friend makes a page to gofundme to get some donations for Amrit Kaur’s treatment. stay tuned below for further information about Amrit Kaur and the accident she faced and we pray for her soonest recovery.

Who is Amritpal Kaur? Why She Raise $130K Treatment Details Disease Name Explained!

Who is Amritpal Kaur?

The medical staff and doctor said Amritsar tour chance of survival is very less because she is very weak and suffering from multiple injuries. But we can’t lose our hope to make her fit and fine. a friend of Amrit Kaur makes a page to fund me to get some donations for the treatment of Amrit. Amrit Kaur suffered from many injuries like collapsed lung broken bones but the doctor there fullest and best to make her fine and try every possible way in her treatment. the body of Amrit Kaur became weaker after this accident. the period of recovery will surely take many months or even some years. the doctor also said that we can’t confirm when Amrit ko gets normal Follow For More Update

There is no big improvement in Amrit Kaur’s condition. in her treatment they have the best surgeon near surgeon and trauma surgeon who is treated Amrit Kaur and tried to to make Every possible outcome According to information there is almost $130000 money are collected donated by now on gofundme. e her friend said that if you want to fund and also want to know the condition of Amrit Kaur you can show all this on the page. the condition of Amrit Kaur was very e low and serious. management staff fonts a hefty amount of money to treat her.

The person who drive the car in which Amrit Kaur get hit was not under custody. the police that we search for him. the police investigate and check the cameras and ask every possible people who are near the incident. the details about the accident are also on social media and they ask everyone that if anyone knows about it they can inform us as soon as possible But for now nothing is clear and coming out. The friend of Amrit Kaur stated that she told Amrit Kaur’s family and parents about the accident. the parents of Amrit were really tense and worried about their daughter and they don’t know how she is now.



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