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Where Is Melissa Kethley? Wiki Bio Images Age On Instagram!

Where Is Melissa Kethley? Wiki Bio Images Age On Instagram!Melissa Kethley is well-known as the partner of Carlton Dotson, an American ex-basketball player who was convicted of murder. In 2003, he was a Baylor University basketball player when he killed Patrick Dennehy.Former basketball player claimed that he was listening and was the son and daughter of God. He also had the flexibility to determine who would and wouldn’t be allowed to go to heaven. Carlton added that Patrick was about hurt him, so he must kill him.

Melissa Kethley, Carlton Dotson’s ex-partner, has been living a quiet life since Patrick Denneny was murdered. Patrick was a Baylor University participant.Dotson killed his teammate in the head on June 12, 2003. A series of events led to the Baylor University basketball scandal. The NCAA investigated and punished the school’s male basketball team for quite a few infractions.Where Is Melissa Kethley?

Patrick Dennehy was killed by gunshot wounds at the worst. (Source :
AudioboomDotson’s companion stated that Dotson didn’t know which mannequin of the husband was waiting for her on a fateful June night. It could have been the innocent, laid back basketball player she married or the violent, indignant person she claimed he was.

Where Is Melissa Kethley?

According to authorities, Datosn was his partner and asked for the meeting after shooting his friend in Waco. Melissa claimed that Dotson was found in a parking lot of a video retailer in a black Chevrolet Tahoe that belonged to Patrick.

Melissa Kethley was 21 when the life-changing event in her life occurred. Her husband, Carlton Dotson, pleaded guilty to the murder of Patrick Dennehy. He was sentenced on June 15, 2005 to 35 years imprisonment.

Dotson was a junior power forward on the worker’s side and was a good friend of Patrick. Dotson attended North Dorchester High School, Hurlock, Maryland and Paris Junior College before transferring to Baylor University in the summertime 2002.

Melissa Kethley and Carlton Dotson met on the second day in his freshman year at Paris Junior College. This was in 2000. The couple started to court in the fall of 2001 and soon became inseparable.

On August 17, 2002, the couple got married in a small ceremony at their Waco home. Melissa said that Patrick and Dotson were friends, but Dotson was at first closer to totally different avid gamers.

Carlton Dotson pleaded guilty to the murder of Patrick Dennehy. Source:
Dallasnews )
The earlier athlete began accusing his partner of being dishonest in October. He was also accused of making false accusations about his teammates. Carlton was afraid that his teammates would leave his partner after they moved into a new, beautiful home in February.

Melissa did not give any reason why the couple split after eight months of marriage. It isn’t known if Melissa got married after she separated from Carlton.Melissa Kethley divorced Carlton Dotson after only eight months of marriage. He used to accuse his partner, accusing him of being unfaithful. He claimed he saw images and heard voices telling him that Melissa was dishonest.

Carlton finally admitted that he needed help after he calmed down. He later saw a counselor to treat attention deficit disorder. Melissa, her stepdad and mom moved in with her. Carlton began staying at Patrick Dennehy’s house in April.

Carlton Dotson was sentenced on June 15, 2005 to 35 years imprisonment. Source:
Melissa discovered from television stories that Carlton had been arrested on July 21st. Investigators located the body of the athlete in a spot near a quarry, a few miles south of Waco.Melissa said that she had intended to file for divorce when she was last in the mood. She also admitted that she doesn’t believe she will ever stop loving Carlton. “I don’t believe I’ll ever love anyone the same way.”



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