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What IS Nicki Minaj PUFF PUFF PASS Song Viral On Tiktok?

Social media has become a platform is such a platform where people are following different trends. It is such a platform for people where they love to enjoy while making short videos. Most videos are followed by the ongoing trend these are either dance-based or song-based. At the present time, the “Puff Puff Pass” song has become a trend on the social media platform TikTok.


People are crazy for making videos on this song. It has become such a big trend on TikTok every 3rd or 4th video is featuring this song. As far as the singer of this song is concerned, it has been sung by Nicki Minaj. But the thing to be noticed is that the song is not getting fame because of the singer of this song.

Although the song had gained fame long ago while this platform was not even existing yet the TikTok trend has recalled this song and reestablished the fame of this song among the audience worldwide. People had forgotten this song. The reason behind this song becoming the talk of the town among the netizens is the trend on TikTok. People are listening to this song because they want to upload videos on this song so as to follow the trend.

What is the Puff Puff Pass song?

This song has been viral on TikTok and the real name of this song is “New Body.” This song was created by Kanye West and sung by Nicki Minaj. This track originally featured Nicki Minaj and Dolla Sign. It is said that the song was to be a part of an unreleased album named Yandhi.

If we focus on the song, we come to know that the first, second and third verses of this song have been sung by Ye, Nicki and Ty Dolla respectively. The third verse is including the “Puff-Puff Pass.” People are using these lines of the New Body song to make videos on social media.

Puff-Puff Pass Trend Explored

The viral trend of the Puff-Puff Pass song is including various types of videos on these lines. In one trend, people gesticulate as if they were smoking while the drop beats on the Puff-Puff Pass. In another type of video, people are showing the transformation. They show themselves without makeup and put their hand on their face. No sooner does the Puff-Puff Pass lyrics come than they transform into a well-dressed personality.




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