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SHO And Female Constable Video Viral On Social Media Lahore Police Leaked Videos Watch

SHO And Female Constable Video Viral On Social Media Lahore Police Leaked Videos Watch In-charge of the police station The footage of Faisal Town went popular on social media. After a video of the party went popular on social media, a Pakistani SHO was suspended. The photograph was taken at the Faisal Town Police Station. The CCTV footage recorded this video of the party. The SHO was suspended after a video of Faisal Town Police officers went popular on social media. Station House Officer (SHO) Yasir Bashir Cheema was shown on the video, along with female sub-inspector Mehvish and a private employee. When the video went popular on social media, the authorities acted quickly, and SHO Yasir Bashir Cheema was suspended by higher authorities.

SHO And Female Constable Video

SHO And Female Constable Video

According to the report, a birthday celebration was held in the SHO’s chamber at the Faisal Town police station. On the directions of the SHO, a guy was seen in the CCTV tape attempting to place a piece of fabric on the camera. When I viewed the footage, a guy approached the camera and placed a cloth on it. And for a while, the video was completely blank. After the cake was sliced, he removed the cloth from the camera. Another individual was shown in the film and was full except for a crime reporter that all of this transpired at the police station.

This party has turned out to be the former SHO’s worst error. He didn’t have to give up his work if he didn’t want to go to the party. He’d be blaming himself in a different way for throwing the party. Dr. Abid Khan, the Deputy Inspector General of Operations (DGI), investigated the event and suspended Cheema. The DIG office is keeping an eye on all of the circumstances. After closely watching the incident, it promptly notified the authorities, who took action against the SHO. The situation was not that simple; as the video went viral on social media, the crowd began mocking the former SHO.

On the other side, social media users began mocking the video and offering several recommendations and answers to the SHO and officials. Some people have created blogs and videos in response to popular videos. Could have switched off the lights instead of putting on clothing,’ one Twitter user said. Another shared his displeasure, tweeting that it is distressing to see police personnel engaging in such actions. This is not the first time police officers have acted in this manner, but it has never been uncovered; nonetheless, this time it has been exposed in some way. As a result, residents must be aware of everything that is going on around them follow For More Update




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