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Sarah Boone Suitcase Leaked Video Viral On Social Media, Boyfriend Died in Suitcase

Sarah Boone Suitcase Leaked Video Viral On Social Media, Boyfriend Died in Suitcase  The Internet is full of funny moments that netizens love to find, and they are eager to see leaked videos from famous celebrities around the globe. A viral video featuring a couple has gained attention from people all over the globe due to its funny moments. After Sarah Boone and her boyfriend’s viral videos on social media, Sarah Boone is the most talked-about girl in the world. Sarah Boone was astonished when her boyfriend started crying out her name in the suitcase at their Orange County Apartment. Sarah Boone even teased him by filming across the room.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Leaked Video Viral On Social Media, Boyfriend Died in Suitcase

He was heard to say that she spoke in slurred English. You can hear her saying, “For everything you’ve done for me.” The Orlando Sentinel obtained two videos through a public records request. This video led to Boone, 42 years old, being arrested on second-degree murder charges in the death Jorge Torres Jr. Authorities claim that Boone, according to sources, ended up with this matter and went to bed on February 23, leaving her boyfriend in the suitcase. Torres was found dead in the bag when she woke up on the next day.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Leaked Video

Sources claim that Sarah claimed to have told an Orange County sheriff’s detective that Torres, her boyfriend, had been drinking and playing hide and seek in their apartment in the Goldenrod neighborhood. After detectives discovered the videos on her smartphone, her story was different. In response to a public records request, the Orange State Attorney’s Office released the video and investigative documents. The video isn’t being published by Orlando Sentinel because it is too disturbing. The video shows Torres screaming Boone’s name, telling Orlando Sentinel that he could not breathe while locked in the suitcase.

According to law enforcement documents, the first video was recorded at 11:12 on February 23, and it lasts approximately two minutes. Torres said, “I can’t breath.” Seriously”. She replied, “That’s why I choke you.” Torres tried to get out of the suitcase throughout the video. Boone was just a few feet away. The second video was about 22 seconds long and was taken at 11:23 PM. It showed the blue suitcase upside-down and was just a few feet away from another video. Before she ended the video, Torres called Boone’s number. Boone claimed that she went to her bedroom to sleep, thinking Torres might come out by herself. She woke up around 11 am the next morning and went downstairs to visit Torres.

Boyfriend Died in Suitcase Video 

When she realized Torres was in the suitcase, she found his body inside. Boone said that she had called her ex-husband at 12:50 and told him all that had happened. She also asked him to come over. Later, he ran to the apartment and dialed 911. It was an awful moment to see and it is impossible for anyone to do such a thing with their family members. The orange Osceola Prosecutors released this video at the request of the public. It was extremely disturbing.



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