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Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Cause Of Death, How Did Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Die Explored!

Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Cause Of Death, How Did Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Die Explored! The President of Grupo Formula, Rogerio Azcarraga Madero sadly passed away at the age of 94. This heartbreaking news was confirmed by the Grupo Formula that the President of Grupo Formula took his last breath on Monday night, April 11, 2022. After the announcement of Rogerio Azcárraga Madero’s passing was made, many members of the company pay tributes and expressed their deep condolences to the radio businessman. Not only the company’s employees but many politicians, journalists, and celebrities paid tribute to him. Madero’s sudden death made everyone upset. Keep reading to know more about it.

Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Cause Of Death

He was a kind and humble businessman who was always available for others. The cause of his death has not been revealed yet but he must be died due to his age-related issues. Eduardo J Ruiz-Healy wrote,” Rogerio Azcárraga Madero, founder and president vitalio of Group Radio Formula sadly passed away tonight. I will never stop thanking him for the opportunity he gave me in 1989 to join’ Radio Formula. He was a great man, a visionary entrepreneur who transformed radio and television in Mexico”. A Twitter page of Radio Formula posted a lengthy caption in remembrance of Rogerio Azcárraga Madero.

Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Cause Of Death

Rogerio Azcárraga Madero’s demise was confirmed by Grupo Formula and the post was shared on April 13, 2022. Within a few hours, floods of tributes appeared on social media. Rogerio Azcárraga Madero was the president of Grupo Formula, also a son of Rogerio Azcárraga Vidaurreta and nephew of Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta. He began his career as a businessman with musical recordings with the founding of Discos Orfeon in 1958. Turning his life from Music, he moved to talk radio in his life. Follow For More Update

Rogerio Azcárraga Madero was born on June 6, 1927, in Mexico City. He took his education at the Technologico y de Estudios Superiores in Monterrey. He was holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In his career, he won the National Award for Communication in 2017 handed to him by the former president Enrique Pena Nieto who emphasized the importance of the freedom of expression in his speech. Along with this, Rogerio Azcárraga Madero’s family owns a real estate company. Grup Formula, and Radio Formula (XERFR 970-AM) were the company of Rogerio Azcárraga Madero.

How Did Rogerio Azcárraga Madero Die

His three children have a position in the company. His son, Jaime is appointed as an Executive Vice President of Grupo Formula. On the other side, Andrea is appointed as a Director of Public Relations, and the last one, Lorenza is in charge of the logistics and operations department.



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