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Porsche Panamera Review Price In India Launch Date Top Speed Mileage And Colours

For a generation of petrol heads, the Porsche is the ultimate sports car. Its s a dream that many chases passionately through the course of their lives. In fact, it won’t be wrong to call 911 the holy grain of the performance car world. The Porsche is a midlife update to the second generation Panamera that came out in2016. The new Panamera now features the previously optional sport design front end as standard. It has larger intake grilles, bigger side cooling vents, and a single bar light module. At the rear, there is a new light strip that runs through the width of the car. It comes with 19-inch wheels as standard which look a little simple.

Porsche Panamera Review Price In India Launch Date Top Speed Mileage And Colours

The edges have been refined in the second generation Panamera Porsche which looks curvier. The trail section of the car is phenomenal, from the back it looks like a proper sports car. In terms of design, it has a Porsche element in it which people will like. The inside Panamera is fairly well equipped for what is supposedly a base car. The quality and fit exquisite with unmatched attention to detail. The cabin layout is sporty and luxurious in equal measure a standard there’s a 12.3-inch touchscreen display with wireless Apple car play, and Bose surrounds system. Follow For More Updates

Porsche Panamera Review

Its instrument cluster features an analog tack in the middle with two 7-inch digital screens on either side and has a touch panel for all the settings. This one is powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbo v6 motor which delivers around 326bhp and 450 Nm of torque. In terms of performance, it is a quick car as it does 0-100 in just 5.4 seconds. The engine has a very linear and strong surge of power cause it’s a twin-turbo. It has a gearbox the 8-speed dual-clutch automatic, in sport plus and sport mode it is quite eager and responsive. The cabin of Porsche has not compromised with space in the rear,

knee room and legroom, and a roof to the headroom.  This is a four-door luxury car and sports car genes which feel shrinking itself around the drive. However, it starts with the Rs. 1.44 crore which includes the Panamera seat heating, ventilation, Message and memory function, 360-degree surround sound, Sunroof, head-up display, and many more features. On the whole, it is a new -one and a pre-facelift version apart. To know more about this article stay connected to us.



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