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Oxlade Video Leaked On Social Media, Nigerian Singer Tape Viral Watch Online!

Oxlade Video Leaked On Social Media, Nigerian Singer Tape Viral Watch Online! A Nigerian singer named Oxlade became the trending topic in the social media space on Wednesday . Recently, musician Oxlade was becoming a very trending topic on Twitter because his private video with unrecognized women went viral. According to word from officials the video was uploaded on Snapchat before becoming viral worldwide on the internet.It is heard that one of the singer’s friends published it on social media.

Oxlade Video

Oxlade Video

After the video went viral online, many fans greeted Oxlade for the situation.  In October 2021 one quite similar video savage went viral on the internet. The singer accused a blackmailer saying it was blackmailing her of the private film and threatened to broadcast it on the internet. Before the video was erased, the video clip of savage went viral unintentionally on Snapchat and was saved by the blackmailer. Although, he had to face criticism on social media.

In the current circumstances, Oxlade’s video got many good comments, Tiwa savage received a bad reaction for her video in contrast to the amusing reaction to the former’s position . People are still reacting to her video on the internet.

Nigerian Singer Tape Viral Watch

Being a college dropout he wanted to pursue his career in music. IKUFORIJI OLAITAN ABDULRAHMAN is his other name . he was born in surulere, Lagos on April 22, 1997. his upbringing was in the hands of his father and grandmother. He did his studies at Lagos state university for two years before dropping out his college to pursue his musical dream. Later he also signed a deal with The Plug Entertainment in 2018 after getting an offer from A&R executive Bizzle osikoya.

He was 24 when performed on the stage. later he came in sight of the world and gained a reputation in the eyes of his family all this happened after his song Away was released on April 13, 2020. he shared his song on the internet and the response was amazing as he got three million views within 24 hours .this song helped him in achieving popularity.

This Nigerian singer is continuously facing controversies due to his viral video which had inappropriate content. he now has the most trending social media space. Yes, you are right this is none other than Oxlade we are talking about, he is an American rapper and is very well known for his hits. His video is viral all over social media and the web, he is in controversies due to this inappropriate video that went viral.



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