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Ortigas Accident Today: 2 Oil Tanker Crashed Into EDSA Barriers Two People Died!

Ortigas Accident Today, Two people were killed and two others were injured in a car accident in Pasig. A truck collided with a car in the northbound lane of the C5 flyover at the Ortigas interchange in Pasig City on Monday morning, prompting rescue services to respond. According to local sources, two female passengers were slain and two others were injured. On Tuesday night, a delivery van traveling along Ortigas Avenue in Pasig City turned over, causing heavy traffic in the vicinity. The delivery van was overturned towards the passenger side on the westbound lane of Ortigas Avenue, shortly before crossing the bridge over the Manggahan floodway, according to video feeds supplied by Pasig News Today.

Ortigas Accident Today

Ortigas Accident Today

Firefighters were also on the site to clean up oil that had spilled from the van’s engine, which might have caused a slippery danger for other vehicles. As a result, traffic movement was temporarily halted to prevent further accidents. According to Pasig News Today, the delivery van was on its way from Pilila, Rizal, to Pasig’s Barangay Bagong Ilog.

The fissures were discovered on Topaz Road between a building and a construction site. Overnight, a large tarpaulin and early warning cones were placed in the area.
Meanwhile, the Barangay San Antonio fire and rescue squad sealed off the area to prevent any unfortunate accidents. Paqui Ortigas had a younger brother, Jose, who was married to Edwina Litton and had two daughters with her. They were married until Jose died in a vehicle accident in 1977. Edwina and her daughters “fell out of favor” with their in-laws for reasons that remain a mystery to them to this day.

2 Oil Tanker Crashed Into EDSA

Things came to a head for the pair when Ortigas completed his post as Philippine ambassador to Mexico in 2010. They had been married for 43 years, had two daughters, and an only son who perished in a jet-skiing accident. When Ortigas finished his term as Philippine ambassador to Mexico in 2010, things came to a head for the couple. They had been married for 43 years and had two children as well as an only son who died in a jet-skiing accident.

Susie Madrigal Bayot and Francisco “Pacqui” Ortigas, scions of two of Manila’s most powerful families, were divorced. Susie and Pacqui’s union was about as “golden” as it could get in the tiny circles of old Manila’s Triple A-List families.

We departed at 1 a.m. to drive my sister to her home in Manila since she is ill and had just left the hospital emergency room. We encountered some difficulties on our trip home because some of Manila Espana’s streets were still flooded. As a result, we are compelled to take an alternate way home and simply to get out of the Espana neighborhood.

We’ve already arrived at Meralco Ortigas eastbound. You may see a video from our dashcam that we found discussing the probability of an accident occurring in the vicinity. Why? While traveling, I observe our automobile suddenly accelerate. From the Meralco Ortigas Stoplight, “pa baba kasi say” and it will speed up till you reach the Lanuza stoplight. With such acceleration, braking is extremely difficult, especially for trucks hauling huge cargo, due to the downhill momentum.



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