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Olivet Baptist Church Fight Video Viral On Internet At Church Twitter Scandalized!

Olivet Baptist Church Fight 2021 is about to end in just 4-5 days but it still has something to give to the social media trollers. Nowadays Olivet Baptist Church is in the discussion which located in Chattanooga, Tennessee since a day after Christmas when a video goes viral on social media in which two people started showing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) by throwing hands at each other in front of Bishop Kevin Adams during pastor’s mid-sermon on Sunday. Bishop Kevin Adams never expected that a fight could be broken out in the mid of his sermon but it happened when a guy in a white t-shirt came forth and start punching a guy who was sitting in the front row of the church.

Olivet Baptist Church Fight

It is not clear what was the bone of contention behind the church fight but Bishop Kevin Adams tried his hundred percent to get their attention but all went in vain. Two guys got into a scuffle after a white t-shirt guy swung his hand on a guy’s face who was in the front row when the pastor was delivering Sunday service. It did not end here after this the guy who was sitting in front of the Bishop immediately got up and started showing his MMA skills like Tank Davis to the white T-shirt guy. Follow For More Updates

Olivet Baptist Church Fight

All the incident was captured by a camera at the Olivet Baptist Church but after a few seconds they both disappeared off the camera and start fighting as they were in the ring instead of the church might be they forgot that people come to church for gaining peace not too cheering up. Bishop Kevin Adams followed them as they were interrupting his sermon. Bishop Kevin Adams says “Stop it, Marcus…Marcus…”. Unfortunately
church live stream ends after this.

Bishop Kevin Adams posted a video in which he is explaining the situation what was actually happened there. He explained that the white T-shirt guy had recently got out of the rehabilitation center and scuffled with the youth pastor who was sitting in the front row. It is not sure why he was in rehab maybe for drugs or mental health but now he is accepting his fault and ready to admit himself back to the rehab and he is also getting full support from the church. Bishop Kevin Adams insinuated the youth pastor and said that he got his hands, I wonder if he boxed before in the life because he superbly blocks the sucker punch and immediately got the stance and ready to knock him out.



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