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MTV Roadies 18 Contestant List 2022 Host Name Gang Leaders And Start Date

MTV Roadies 18 Contestant List 2022 Host Name Gang Leaders And Start Date  Season 18 of MTV Roadies, a super-popular show, is back. MTV India will broadcast it. It will be shot in South Africa, and Sonu Sood will host it replacing Ranvijay. Ranvijay will no longer be part of MTV Roadies. He will not be the host, mentor or Gang Leader. Many youngsters from various countries will be chosen for this show and will go through the selection process.

MTV Roadies 18 Contestant List 2022

MTV Roadies is the most-watched show. It shows that you have to be mentally and physically strong to win and compete in this game. According to the daily report, in season 2022, the contestants will first go for Kaling, PR, and Battleground, then they will travel to The Final Destination, where their journey will begin. This is the most popular and adventurous show among youth, and viewers are eagerly awaiting its telecast.

MTV Roadies 18 Contestant List

  • Kevin Almasifar
  • Ashish Bhatia
  • Kavya Khurana
  • Sohil Singh Jhutti
  • Baseer Ali
  • Muskan Jattana
  • Yukti Arora
  • Aarushi Dutta
  • Sapna Malika
  • Jaswanth Bopanna
  • Soundous Moukafir
  • Nandini G
  • Gaurav Alugh

The reality show, which is youth-based, will be hosted and hosted by Sonu Sood. Its new season starts on 8 April 2022. It is also being telecasted via OTT platforms. MTV Roadies season 19 judges will be Prince Narula Neha Dhupia and Nikhil Chinappa. MTV Roadies season 19, production company Colsceum Media. MTV Roadies season 19 will take place in four cities: Pune, Delhi Chandigarh, and Kolkata. Roadies are the perfect opportunity for young people who want to be famous.

MTV Roadies Season 18 Host

Sonu Sood, this year’s mentor, and guide will be on hand to help contestants navigate the exciting and thrilling journey of the show. The contestants will take part in a variety of adventurous activities, including mountain trekking, canoeing, and scuba diving. Follow For More Update

MTV Roadies TV Show has won the hearts of many young people. It also strives to make a positive difference in society. The new journey will make this season even more enjoyable. There would be 36 episodes and 25 contestants. Reality shows revealed that Varun Sood would replace Raftaar in the role of judge. The tasks will vary depending on the strength and intelligence of the contestants.

MTV Roadies Season 18 Gangs

RanVijay stated that he is unable to do this season. He also said that this was the only season in which he wouldn’t be able and would not be seen, but that he will definitely be seen in the next season. He said that things are different for me because of the restrictions and commitments. He will be greatly missed. season



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