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Larry Benjamin Thompson Video Viral On Social Media MMS Leaked On Cop Uniform Watch

Larry Benjamin Thompson Video Viral On Social Media MMS Leaked On Cop Uniform Watch Georgia’s police chief has resigned following footage showing him engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman while wearing his uniform. The video circulated on Tiktok, as well as other social media platforms. Benjamin Thompson has been identified as the policeman. He is charged with misconduct and behavior issues. He is from a small Georgia town and has resigned after being caught on camera performing sexual activities while on duty.

Larry Benjamin Thompson Video

Larry Benjamin Thompson Video

Unknown females could be seen giving him oral sex. The entire incident occurred outdoors, behind the police van. Dillon Cole, a Tiktok, recorded the entire sequence. According to reports, the Tiktok content creator was working at a telecommunication tower when he noticed something very strange happening right in front of him. He quickly grabbed his camera and recorded the entire incident. He then posted the video under the title “Police caught on camera live”. As of Wednesday, March 30, 2013, the video had already been viewed more than 16,000,000 times.

This is an embarrassing thing to do as a policeman. He was later investigated and resigned. He was also involved in another controversy in which he was seen in 2019 crushing a car into the head of a senior Lage driver. He was driving at 90km/h and had also caused the death of a 75 year-old man. He was also accused of shooting another colleagu75-year-old explained that the gun was malfunctioning and that it had problems, which is why he shot a bullet. How Did Violet Myers Die,

He was also accused of sexual assault last year. After all his misconduct over the years, he was to be fired and he is now officially resigning from his job. This video is not suitable for children as it contains n*, and exposes private parts. The entire video was shot from multiple angles so that everything can be seen. We will be back soon with more details about this incident. Keep checking our website for more information.



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