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Jerry Cassaday Cause of Death Reason, How Did He Die, Death Obituary And Age

Jerry Cassaday Cause of Death Reason, How Did He Die, Death Obituary And Age  Jerry Cassaday is a former cop who served as a pit supervisor in a Reno, Nevada casino. Sally, Bruce’s wife, met Jerry in person at the casino a few months before he was killed when in town for a meeting. By then, the two had already started talking online and had begun a full-fledged romance. According to many who know Jerry, he met Sally during a difficult period in his life.

Jerry Cassaday Cause of Death

Jerry Cassaday Cause of Death

He relocated to a new city, and his marriage was ending. The two met in Reno a few months later and resumed their heated passion. Later, authorities discovered numerous communications between Jerry and Sharee, including sexually explicit messages, images, and videos. Sharee, on the other hand, erroneously claimed that Bruce was a Mafia member and assaulted her. He was a businessman in actuality, and there is no proof that he was molested. Follow For More Updates

Sharee also revealed to Jerry that she had been pregnant with his kid twice, even though she had been unable to conceive due to surgery years before. Nevertheless, Sharee gave him sonograms and images of his expanding tummy. Bruce appears to have been abusive, as seen by the injuries in the images. Furthermore, Sharee claimed that Bruce was to blame for both pregnancies ending in miscarriage.

There is proof that Sharee and Jerry collaborated on Bruce’s murder. The knowledge prompted them to talk about the murder, and Sharee assisted him in locating the salvage yard where Bruce worked. “Can you live with this for the rest of your life?” she said in one of her messages. Because I am capable.” Jerry eventually drove to a salvage yard in Flint, Michigan in November 1999 and shot Bruce in the chest before fleeing. However, Jerry and Sally’s relationship ended following the murder, and she began dating someone else.

When Jerry murders Bruce, he goes into legal difficulty and loses custody of his son. Jerry struggled even more after Sharee departed. He became addicted to booze and drugs and resided with relatives in Missouri while in recovery. Jerry was discovered dead in his Odessa apartment on February 11, 2000. The 39-year-old man was sitting in an easy chair with a Bible on his lap when he was shot with a.22 caliber rifle.



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