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How Did Roberta Paulsen Die What Happened To Roberta, Death Cause Reason.

How Did Roberta Paulsen Die What Happened To Roberta, Death Cause Reason? A woman was trampled by a police horse. Ottawa: Many events from Ottawa have been recorded in recent days, as many individuals protest the statewide limitations imposed owing to the spread of coronavirus in the country. Now, a new fatal instance has been documented in the same manner as a woman named Roberta Paulsen who sadly died in Ottawa while protesting the limitations. Roberta was apparently protesting the restrictions when she died.

 How Did Roberta Paulsen Die, What Happened To Roberta Death Cause Reason.

How Did Roberta Paulsen Die

The Ottawa police have called a group of Canadian protestors the “Freedom Convoy” because of their consistent acts opposing covid-norms and the demand of covid vaccines in Ottawa. Recently, a video was circulated on social media platforms in which two protesters were trampled by the cops’ horses, and people hurriedly stepped forward to help the two protesters, and then police walked in riot equipment and rods appeared to push the protesters back and gave instructions to leave the scene and warned them to arrest, but protesters turned against the officers.

Protesters also damaged a police service animal by placing a bicycle on the leg of a police service horse, according to the Ottawa Police Authority. Officers have also apprehended a suspect in connection with the aforementioned incident. This complaint was filed four days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used emergency legislation to limit the truck siege. All of this began when the government declared that coronavirus vaccines would be required for all truck drivers crossing the Canada-US border. Stay tuned for further updates on this topic, and in the meanwhile, read other international news on our website.

What Happened To Roberta

A police officer on horseback is said to have driven into a group of Canadian demonstrators known as the “Freedom Convoy” as they continued to protest the government’s COVID-19 limitations and vaccine mandates in Ottawa. A video posted on Twitter showed Ottawa Police officers riding their horses into a crowd and stomping over two individuals. As the horses tread on the individuals, the mob rushes to their help. “They just stomped that woman,” the videographer can be plainly heard saying. They completely crushed that lady. Follow For More Update

In the footage, officers in protective gear and using batons appear to force the throng back. Members of the throng begin to push back against the cops as they tell protestors to leave the area immediately, threatening arrest. “The demonstrators continued their assaultive conduct with the police’ line, to prevent an escalation or additional wound, mounted officers were moved in to provide essential distance between the protestors and line,” Ottawa Police said on Twitter.

According to police, a bicycle was thrown at the feet of one of the soldiers in an attempt to hurt it. One individual was detained for allegedly purposefully injuring a police service animal. The Ottawa Police Department was contacted for comment by the news outlet. According to the spokesman, “we are not aware of any demonstrators being crushed by police horses.” We understand that one protestor collapsed, got up, and went away.” According to reports, investigation officers on horseback plowed their way through a mass of Canadian activists dubbed as the “Freedom Convoy.

This photograph depicts police officers at a demonstration, with the Canadian flag fluttering in the backdrop. According to officials, by the evening of Friday, more than 100 demonstrators had been caught and over a dozen motor vehicles had been towed. Police forces continued to drive demonstrators away from the downtown area, claiming to have built a “protected area”  where illegal protests are temporarily barred.



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