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Franklin Graham Scandal: Billy Graham Grandson Quits Over Affair Explained!

Christian preacher billy graham’s grandson Tullian tchividjian who was working as senior pastor at coral ridge presbyterian church has recently resigned from his post after confirming his ongoing affair. Tullian also wrote a letter to the congregation, in which he claimed that his wife first initiated indulgence in infidelity, also stated that after that he had temptation after he got separated from his wife. Tullian was graham’s oldest daughter’s son, he was also called the rising star of evangelical Christianity.

Franklin Graham Scandal: Billy Graham Grandson Quits Over Affair Explained!

Franklin Graham Scandal

The church’s executive pastor agreed with the fact of his inappropriate activity which made him resign from his post to serve as senior pastor or preach from the pulpit. He explains his deeds by saying that his wife was having an affair several months ago, tchividjian asked the church that “I want to focus exclusively on my marriage and family” he also stated that after he learned about his wife’s affair they both decided to part ways .later he said, sadly and embarrassingly, he found comfort in a friend and with time developed an inappropriate relationship with her . he told all this to the Washington Post in a statement. Follow For More Update

Three other leaders resigned from Florida mega churches after admitting affairs. Tullian tchividjian posted on his Twitter account “welcome to the valley of the shadow of death ….thank god grace reigns here” a few days ago pastor Tullian also admitted with his moral failures keeping his actions and deeds in mind he disqualified himself from continuing to serve as the senior pastor. his resignation was effective immediately this statement is said by rob Piacenza, an executive pastor from the coral bridge.

it is heard that tchividjian and his wife, Kim were bound together through marriage for more than 20 years, and they both also had three children. tchividjian’s grandfather billy graham is now 96 years old and had also been a celebrity pastor since the 1940s. billy graham, tchividjian’s grandfather has also led national memorials after September 11, later he got tired which is  10 years ago now. he had five children and 19 grandchildren with his wife, many of his grandchildren’s followed graham into ministry.



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