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Charlie Dizon Video Viral on Reddit, Twitter Scandalized Watch Full Video Online!

Charlie Dizon Video Viral on Reddit, Twitter Scandalized Watch Full Video Online! Charlie Dizon, a.k.a.” Charlie Bit My Finger,” has become an internet sensation after the video of him licking the fingers of someone became viral via Twitter as well as Reddit. In the clip, Dizon can be seen biting the finger of an unidentified individual in a crowd. The video has been shared over 22,000 times via Twitter and more than 1000 times via Reddit. Charlie Dizon is the latest star to be caught in a storm on social media. In a leaked clip, Charlie can be seen making sexually explicit and offensive remarks about women.

Charlie Dizon Video

Charlie Dizon Video

The result has been lots of negative feedback against Charlie through social media platforms like Twitter as well as Reddit. Many have demanded his dismissal from his current position. Apart from the outrage, Charlie’s video has also provoked many discussions regarding sexism in the Philippine entertainment business. The Internet is abuzz about this Charlie Dizon leaked video. Everybody has been talking about the video and I’m about to discuss it with you. Follow For More Update

The most popular Reddit user, Charlie Dizon, has released a clip of him performing an acoustic rendition to John Mayer’s “The Heart of Life” on his ukulele, the honor of those who were killed in the Fort Lauderdale Shooting. He’s also urged his fans to create images and gifs that support mental health and gun control awareness in order to portray themselves. Charlie Dizon is a Filipino actor and model.He was famous for his role in the TV commercial “Angry Birds”, and recently, he’s been mentioned in the world of social media because of the leaked video featuring Miss Universe Philippines 2015 contender Janine Tugonon.

There are some people who cannot resist sharing every thought that crosses their minds on social media sites like Twitter or Reddit. Charlie Dizon, a model, and actor, is in this category. Recently, he posted a video in Twitter in which the Reddit community went wild over the clip. The clip shows the cat being thrown from a structure and the responses from the people are hilarious. Dizon is currently touring across America. US and it appears that Dizon is having lots of amusement with his fans engaging in various activities.<



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