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Amy Schumer Stealing Jokes Live Detector After Years Explained!

Amy Schumer Stealing Jokes Live Detector After Years Explained! Amy Schumer finally gave in to the lies detector test. After years of being teased and under accusations of joke-stealing, she has now taken one. The Trainwreck star participated in Vanity Fair’s polygraph test feature, where she was grilled on many aspects of her acting career, personal and even her jokes. Three female comedians, Wendy Liebman, Tammy Pescatelli and Kathleen Madigan, shared their frustrations at the time and claimed that Schumer had stolen material for her stand-up specials.

Amy Schumer Stealing Jokes

Schumer denied that she stole jokes. Pescatelli soon afterward retracted her accusations and apologized. “I went too deep,” Pescatelli stated on the Jim Norton Advice Show “I went too far, and I am super sorry.” Schumer stated the following on the radio show: “I’m being charged with stealing jokes. I want to talk to you about this and clear my name. I would never do that, and never will.”

Amy Schumer Stealing Jokes

She said that she would gladly prove her innocence by taking a lie detector test. This is the time, and Schumer was asked during the magazine feature: “Coming up new material can be difficult. Have you ever stolen jokes?” Schumer replied with a definitive “no”, and a clip from the machine indicated that it was non-responsive. The polygraph technician confirmed that she was telling the truth.

Then, she was asked several rephrased questions regarding whether or not she had ever stolen ideas or material. “What about an idea to sketch?” The interviewer was curious. “An idea for character?” Schumer answered “no” both questions. The interviewer then concluded the topic with: “Let’s rephrase. Did you ever get a joke idea from someone else? Schumer again answered “no” but was determined to tell the truth. Last week, Will Smith invaded the stage to slap Chris Rock for a joke.

Schumer was frustrated by the situation, but then received serious backlash when she shared a joke at the event that she had wanted to tell but was told not to. The joke inquiry was: Don’t Look Up is a name for a movie. It is more like don’t look down at Alec Baldwin’s shotgun barrel.” During her Las Vegas stand-up show, she added: “I wasn’t allowed to say any other thing but you can just [clock] somebody.”



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